At Extreme Bolt, we are made up of mechanical and chemical engineers that specialize in advanced material fasteners. We combine our in-depth materials knowledge with our vast experience in fastener design and the latest manufacturing methods – to provide our customers with unique and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Material Experts
As engineers ourselves, we understand your unique needs and realize not every solution is off the shelf. Every day, we help customers like you choose the best solutions because we have been there before. We have worked in the electronics, chemicals, oil & gas, medical, aerospace and power generation industries ourselves, and have brought that experience to Extreme Bolt & Fastener. With this knowledge and experience, we will help you solve some of your industry’s most challenging problems for applications that demand exceptional properties in:

• Corrosion resistance
• High temperature stability
• Lightness of weight
• Ultra-purity
• High strength
• Non-conductivity
• Cryogenics

Specialized Capabilities
Beyond our expertise in advanced material fasteners, we have also developed and organized specialized manufacturing capabilities for these materials. As your manufacturing partner, we will determine the BEST way to produce your fasteners; No matter if it’s internal, external, or anywhere in the world where the BEST resources and capabilities exist.
We have in-depth specialty material manufacturing expertise in:

• Heading
• Machining
• Threading forming & rolling
• Grinding
• Heat treating
• Coatings / Plating
• Cleaning / Clean room packaging
• Secondary Operations: Venting, Head Drilling, Lock Patches

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