Extreme Bolt & Fastener focuses on high performance materials for extreme environments. We offer only the highest performing engineered polymers, advanced ceramics and specialty metal fasteners and flanges to industry. Additionally we provide our customers with world class knowledge, support and guidance on selecting the best materials for their challenging applications.

Typically, we solve problems for customers who need exceptional properties in corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, lightness of weight, high purity, high strength and non-conductivity.

Extreme Bolt & Fastener was founded by a group of experts in materials science and engineering frustrated with their experience when trying to obtain high performance fasteners. With specific knowledge in engineered polymers, advanced ceramics and specialty metals our engineers are well equipped to help guide you to the best materials for your extreme application.

Policy on Conflict Minerals

Extreme Bolt & Fastener is committed to supporting its customer base by complying with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. Extreme Bolt & Fastener shall support assessing the supply chain by exercising due diligence in regard to conflict minerals, their source of origin and whether they are considered conflict free. It is Extreme Bolt & Fastener’s policy to work with suppliers that are free of conflict minerals from the DRC or are effectively working toward said goal.

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