Extreme Bolt & Fastener is pleased to share the results of our most recent customer feedback survey, which we conduct bi-yearly. We continually strive to better meet our customers needs. If you are a customer of Extreme Bolt & Fastener and have feedback to share, please click here to share your feedback.

Most Recent Comments

  • Prices and response are good, and are an incentive to do business with your company.
  • We needed a small number of a somewhat exotic fastener. You had it and shipped it quickly. We'll be back. Wish your website was a little easier to use.
  • I work with Barb and Katie, and they are a pleasure to work with!!
  • Excellent in all facets of the transaction. Fantastic supplier team!
  • You guys are easy to deal with and extremely helpful. A special mention to Kathleen for helping us out in Australia.. Great product and material selection.
  • Keep up the good work!!

  • Product was in stock; service was top notch. With all other suppliers it was completely the opposite case.

  • At the beginning organizing transportation was chaos. After we fixed the transportation issues everything was better.

  • Although you are about 20% more expensive, you came across as more knowledgeable and experienced which ended up tipping the scale for me.

  • Your sales team, and Katie in particular, were all very helpful and responsive.

  • So far everything has been great no complaints
    It has been an excellent alliance, always meeting the goals.

Feedback December 2023

 Product Quality ExtremeBolt 12 23
 Quote Response ExtremeBolt 12 23
 Delivery ExtremeBolt 12 23
Price ExtremeBolt 12 23
 OtherSuppliers ExtremeBolt 12 23





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