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It is important to differentiate between a hex head bolt and a hex head cap screw. Often people assume they are the same, but they are actually very different fasteners in terms of how they are manufactured, as well as from an application perspective. Regardless of your choice, hex heads offer strong, stable joints because of their large head service.

The Hex Comparison

Hex Head Bolts
Hex bolts have a flat end and lack the washer face under the head.
Appropriate for when mechanical properties are more important than dimensional tolerances.

Hex Head Cap Screw
Features flat washer facing under the bolt head.
Also called a finished hex bolt.
Has tighter tolerances on the body dimensions.
Best used for precise applications where tight tolerances on the body dimensions are required.



 #00 - 6"

M1.2- M150

hex bolt s 


Engineered Polymers

Advanced Ceramics

Specialty Metals

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