Shoulder Bolt

Shoulder bolts, also called stripper bolts are a unique fastener with three main parts: head, shoulder, and thread. The head has is the largest diameter and is where the torque is applied, typically with a socket driver. The shoulder is smooth and unthreaded, and has a set diameter and length. This cylindrical shoulder located under the head acts like an dowel or shaft, allowing moving parts to rotate around or slide along its length. The shoulder is used for rotating parts such as axles for rolling parts, guides for sliding elements, and pivot points. The final part of a shoulder bolt is the threaded shaft. The threaded portion of a shoulder bolt has a major diameter slightly smaller than the shoulder diameter.
Shoulder Bolt Sizes
•  #4 - 4"
•  M3 - M100

•  Fine and course threads.
•  Socket drivers are most common. 
Shoulder Bolt Specifications
•  DIN 7379 / ISO 7379
•  ISO 7370 

Thread Options
Different types of threads can greatly impact the performance of your bolt. For more information on threading options and Extreme Bolt's capabilities, visit our threading capabilities page.

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