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Socket head cap screws are the solution for tight clearance, light weight and secure fastening. These screws are the best choice for applications with limited installation access or clearance. Yet if you have an application with a lot of debris, you may want to select a hex head bolt or hex head cap screw, as they don’t have a socket drive which could get clogged. Extreme Bolt & Fastener offers both normal and low profile socket head cap screws.

•  Ideal for applications with limited access as they require very little clearance around the fastener and no additional wrench space.
•  Socket head cap screws can be used in locations where externally wrenched fasteners aren't desirable.
•  Weight reduction on application – the compact cylindrical heads of socket screws are smaller and lighter than hex heads.
•  Known for safety, reliability and economy.

Socket Head Cap Screw Sizes
•  #00 - 4"
•  M1.2 - M100

•  Fine and course threads.
•  Socket drivers only.
•  Both normal and low profile 
Socket Head Cap Screw Specifications
•  ASME B18.3
•  DIN 912 / ISO 4762
•  DIN 7984
•  DIN 6912

Thread Options
Learn more about the impact of bolt threads on the performance of your fastener. For more information on threading and our capabilities, visit our threading capabilities page.


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