Studs are a threaded rod that is less that 12" long. They have no screw head and no inset driver like a set screw. Studs are available fully threaded, partially threaded (ends only) or with custom thread lengths.

Stud Sizes
•  #2 - 6"
•  M1.2 - M100 
   Stud Specifications
•  ASME B18.31.2
•  DIN 976
 Stud Sizes
The length of a stud goes up to 12" long. Lengths longer than 12" (1 foot) is considered a threaded rod.
•  #2 - 6"
•  M1.2 - M100
Studs are available in both fine and coarse thread. 

Stud Terminology
Studs can be threaded in two ways. These ways an alter the measurement of the stud anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2" difference in length.

  1. First to First: In this case the length of the stud is measured from the beginning of the first thread on end 1 to the beginning of the first thread on end 2.
  2. Overall Length (or physical end to other physical end): THis is the length of the stud from the physical end to the end.

Thread Options
Different types of threads can greatly impact the performance of studs and other fasteners. For more information and Extreme Bolt's threading capabilities, visit our threading options page.

Stud Availability

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