An age hardened super alloy with exceptional strength at high temperatures

  • Extreme high temperature strength.Waspaloy Studs
  • Service temperatures up to 1600°F (870°C)
  • Very oxidation resistant
  • Datasheet for Waspaloy

Waspaloy studs are known for their superb high strength at elevated temperatures. Waspaloy is a high performance nickel alloy combined with cobalt, chrome and molybdenum to create it’s unique combination of strength and high temperature stability.

Similar to that of Inconel 718 studs, Waspaloy studs exceed the strength and stability of Inconel 718 at elevated temperatures beyond 1400°F.  In addition, the oxidation resistance of Waspaloy studs make it an ideal materials for high temperature applications like gas turbines engines, and a variety of other aerospace components. 

Waspaloy Fastener Types:  StudsThreaded Rods

Waspaloy Tensile Curve

 Waspaloy Tensile Curve



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