Button HeadButton head socket cap screws combine the similar shape of a pan head with the driver of a socket head. The socket driver is ideal for low clearance applications that require a large area clamping face. Additionally, the button head's socket drive enables higher torques than a traditional phillips or slotted drives and also allows installation in tight spaces. Compared to a standard socket head cap screw, button heads have a lower and wider profile which can be useful when the clamping material is too thin to counter-bore. A button head socket cap screw's large diameter face also helps to distribute force more evenly.

Button Head Screw Specifications
•  #00 - 4"
•  M1.2 - M100

Button Head Advantages
•  Wide bearing surface for clamping
•  Low profile head
•  Low profile head
Button Head Screw Specifications
•  ASME B18.3
•  ASME 18.3.4M
•  DIN 7380 / ISO 7380

Thread Options
For more information on thread options and how threading can change the performance of your bolt, visit our threading capabilities page.

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