WaterTreat iStock Paid PhotoID1142265929 WasteWater SMALL IMAGESpecialty metals provide water system protection far beyond rust

Simple exposure to water can cause rust, but salt water and water contaminated with chemicals can do far worse damage. Specialty material fasteners provide water treatment facilities, desalination plants and chlor alkali users the ability to deal with salt water, sulfuric acid, bleaching agents, chlorides and other chemicals.

Corrosion Focus
The Chlor Alkali Industry is tasked in purifying drinking water for every major city in the country. Dealing with bleach and chlorine solutions has it challenges but something we are very familiar with at Extreme Bolt.

Municipal Waste Water treatment facilities deal with a diversity of chemicals in order to produce clean water free of bacteria and other harmful agents. Chlor alkali, chlorines and even sulfuric acid are used in these corrosive processes.

Industrial Waste Water can have very challenging environments and is unique to each specific application ranging from specialty chemicals, mining operations or semiconductor processing. 

  • Hastelloy bolts provide corrosion protection from sulfuric acid used in municipal water facilities as well as harsh chemically polluted waters produced by industry.
  • AL6XN fasteners are key components to desalination. They provide resistance to salt water corrosion even up to 1000°F   
  • Duplex 2507 bolts offer excellent resistance to pitting, erosion, crevice corrosion, corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking in chloride environments.
  • Titanium fasteners are an excellent choice for many Chlor Alkali applications dealing with bleach type solutions.


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