12 PointThe driver of a 12-point screw uses two overlapped hexagon shapes, creating 12-points and a flanged underside. These are also referred to as ferry cap screws or 12 point flange screws. 

12 Point Sizes
•  1/4 - 4"
•  M6 - M100

12 Point Screw Specifications
•  IFI-115
•  DIN 34822
•  DIN 34821 

•  Higher torque capability compared to a socket head cap screw
•  Lack of recess to trap fluid or debris.
•  As the heads are generally smaller than a hex, 12-point screws are often used situations where installation space is tight and saving weight is critical.

The overall disadvantage is the extra cost involved in forming the heads.

The Controversy of 6 vs. 12 point Bolts
There is much debate over which bolt is better. Some say that the more points a nut or bolt has – such as a 12-point bolt - the less chance you have to round it off. And that the additional contact points of a 12 point screw give you more surface to apply load. While the jury is out as to the accuracy of this, it’s the application that should dictate whether the benefits of a 12 point screw out weight the additional costs of making them.

Thread Options
More indept infomation on thread options and Extreme Bolt's threading capabilties can be found here.

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