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Our Specialty Material Fastener Selection Tool is designed to give the user an idea, compare and learn about what specialty material fasteners might work in an application given the temperature, strength and general corrosion parameters of an application. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a list of the most common specialty material fasteners that Extreme Bolt & Fastener can provide and should be used as a starting point for the materials selection process. For more specific information and guidance as to what material might be best for your application please contact an expert at Extreme Bolt & Fastener.


Temperature: Select the max temperature you applications could see.
Strength: Select the MINIMUM tensile strength required.
Corrosion/Oxidation: Select the severity of you application.

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NOTE: The temperature limits shown are based on the typical usable limits of the materials. The tensile strength shown represents the typical ultimate tensile at ambient temperature. The actual tensile strength of a fastener can differ depending on a variety of factors such as fastener diameter, manufacturing process, heat treatments, specifications and application environment.

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