SecScrew DrivesSecurity screws offer users a means to prevent screw tampering and removal. These tamper resistant screws are available in several different designs that can't be removed with ordinary drivers. When ordering, please specify if you will need a driver to go with your fastener purchase.

•  #4 - 4"
•  M3 - M100
•  Fine and coarse threads
•  Custom drivers per drawing 
Drive Styles
•  Hex Pin
•  One Way
•  Pentagon Bolt
•  Phillips Pin
•  Spanner
•  Torx Pin
•  Tri-Groove
•  Tri-Wing
Oneway Screw  One Way Screw
Also referred to as irreversible or one direction screw, this fastener features a slotted drive that is designed to turn in one direction only; when turned in the opposite direction (to unfasten), these screws will cam out. This type of tamper proof screw is manufactured so the sections of the driver are gradually raised to only engage the bit clockwise for fastening; if turned to the left the bit will be rejected and the driver slips out. Though a one way screw can installed with a standard flat blade, they require special driver to unfasten. One way screws are particularly difficult to remove, so they should only be used in permanent applications. 
 SpannerScrew Spanner Screws
Also known as snake eye or pig nose screws, spanner screws are easily identified by their two dot driver. Offering extreme security, this unconventional screw can only be removed using a spanner driver which features two pins that fit the snake eye holes. Most commonly available in a pan head and flat head screw
 Phillips Security Phillips Pin Security Screws
This basic security screw features an added pin to the, preventing them from being removed with a normal phillips drive bit.
 Torx Pin Screw Torx Pin Screws
These screws feature the same 6 lobe design as a normal torx screw, but with a central pin, preventing the use of a typical torx bit for added security. The main advantage of a torx pin screw is that they offer slightly higher torque than a hex pin.  Similar to the torx pin, the 5-lobe pin screws have a 5 star (verses 6 star of the tox) driver. These tamper resistant screws offer higher lever of security than the 6-lobe pin torx screws because the driver is less common. In addition, they provide a higher torque capacity.
 Hex Pin Screw Hex Pin / Socket Security Screws
One of the original security screws, hex pins (socket security screws) use a common socket driver with a center pin for improved tamper resistance. This pin prevents attempts at unfastening using a flat-blade driver and provides slightly higher torque as well as resistance to cam out and tool wear compared to a conventional socket drive. As they are not as complicated to manufacture, they can be offered in smaller sizes and more diverse materials. Most commonly available in flat and button head style screws.
 Pentabolt External Pentagon Bolts  
Also called a penta bolt, these screws provide the same advantages of a standard hex head bolt – wide fastening surface area – but with the added value of an unconventional driver for tamper resistance. Pentagon bolts require a specific pentagon socket that is not often found in retail stores, though they can be tampered with using common items such as locking pliers. Pentagon bolts are ideal when larger size fasteners are needed.
 Trigroove Screw Tri-Groove
This unique round head with three side grooves provides high security. Tri groove screws are difficult to grab with standard pliers and require a special socket driver. When proper installation tools are used, this screw offers considerable torque with low fastener distortion and little breakage.
 Tri Drive Screw rev Tri-Wing
Tri-drive screws are commonly used on high volume, low security risk applications. This design features a triangle drilled center with three wings. Unlike a tri-point screw which has three wings that intersect in the center, the wings of this screw are off-set. Another version of a tri-wing that is common is called an Opsit® tri-drive, which features a left-handed threads. An Opsit screw can only be removed by turning it clockwise. These are common in aviation and aerospace fasteners.


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