UltraPuritySpecialty material flanges for high purity and medical device applications

Applications requiring high purity environments demand flanges that not only function mechanically, but also are inert to the process environment. In sensitive environments like semiconductor processing, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and high temperature vacuum furnaces, Extreme Bolt & Fastener offers a variety of engineered polymer, advanced ceramic and specialty metal flanges that meet some of the strictest requirements.

Materials that typically are used in high-purity applications include: 

Engineered Polymers

Specialty Metals

Some things to consider when evaluating flanges for high-purity applications: 

  • Is outgassing a concern?
  • Is inertness or the reactivity of the material important?
  • Is the thermal stability of the material a concern?
  • Grade or purity of the raw material needed?

Polymer Food Medical Grades

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