When a strong flange is not good enough

At Extreme Bolt & Fastener we offer some of the highest strength flanges available in the form of engineered polymers, advanced ceramics and specialty metals.

While it is common to look at the ultimate tensile strength to compare various materials, it can be a misleading metric for the actual performance of a flange. A much more meaningful metric is the yield strength of the flange, as this refers the point where the flange deforms plastically and some fraction of the deformation will be permanent. In other words, the flange has failed. This is especially true for metals, as the ultimate tensile strength and yield strenghts for polymers are usually similar. 

Another important factor to consider would be the "in use" temperature the flanges will see. The yield strength is affected by temperature and each material has its own unique properties.

To help you compare various materials and get a sense of what materials might have the best strength for your application we have compiled tensile strength data of all the materials we offer. Additionally if you go to the specific product page you could view more detailed strength versus temperature data.

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Metals Strength Flanges Oct 3 2022 v2


Polymers Strength Flanges Nov 2020







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