Duplex Unsplash Free BridgeSuper Duplex 2507 bolts (EN 1.4410) are made of a stainless steel alloy containing 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel. Duplex 2507 is known for its high strength and excellent localized corrosion resistance to chloride. This alloy is widely used for its yield strength which is twice that of annealed austenitic stainless steels, like 304 and 316 stainless. Download our datasheet for Super Duplex 2507.

Super Duplex 2507 Strength
Offering high impact and mechanical strength, Super Duplex 2507 bolts can be used at temperatures up to 570°F before you will see a reduction in strength.

Super Duplex Corrosion Resistance
Chloride corrosion resistance is one of the key attributes of Super Duplex 2507 bolts due to its specialty metal makeup. The high molybdenum, chromium and nitrogen content of Super Duplex provides these bolts excellent resistance to chloride corrosion such as pitting and crevice attack, while its ferritic structure makes it very resistant to stress corrosion cracking in warm chloride environments. Super Duplex 2507 bolts also provide uniform corrosion protection from organic acids such as formic and acetic acid, plus inorganic acids, especially those containing chlorides. In addition, 2507 bolts are highly resistant to carbide-related intergranular corrosion due to their low carbon content (0.020% in weight).

Key Benefits

  • Very high resistance to pitting, erosion and crevice corrosion, as well as corrosion fatigue
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in chloride environments
  • High resistance to general corrosion in acids
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • Good weldability: Can be readily joined to itself or other materials
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, close to that of carbon steel.

Physical Properties
Density: 7,800 kg/m3
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 125 ksi
Yield Strength: 82 ksi
Thermal Conductivity at room temperature: 8.7 (BTU/hr•ft•°F)
Electrical Resistivity: 31.5 (in x 10-6)

Super Duplex 2507 Uses

  • Process and service water systems, ballast water systems, and desalinization plants utilize 2507’s resistance to chloride.
  • Mechanical assemblies and infrastructure relies on Super Duplex 2507 bolts for their ability to withstand a high mechanical load in seawater.
  • Super Duplex 2507 bolts are also used in offshore platforms, as well as oil & gas exploration and production to protect from seawater.
  • Power industry flue-gas desulfurization systems and geothermal exploration units also rely on 2507 bolts.


  • All inch and metric sizes (EN 1.4410 DIN 933, DIN 931)


Resources: Duplex & Super Duplex Torque SpecsFlange DimensionsFlange Bolting Chart

Duplex Fastener Types: Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Threaded Rods, Washers 

Flange Types Available: Blind FlangesLap Joint FlangesSlip On FlangesSocket Weld FlangesThreaded FlangesWeld Neck Flanges


Super Duplex Alloy 2507  / EN 1.4410

Super Duplex 2507, UNS S32750, is a two-phase stainless steel and is particularly well suited for use in environments such as warm chlorinated seawater and acidic, chloride containing media. It has similiar properties to Duplex 2205 but is more corrosion resistant and performs well in moderately corrosive environments. 

Super Duplex Specifications:  EN 10216-5, ASTM A789; A790, ASTM A182 ASTM A182, ASTM A815, ASTM A240, EN 10088-2, ASTM A479, EN 10088-3 EN 10088, ISO 15156-3, NACE MR0175, Werkstoff 1.4410 S.Duplex

Super Duplex 2507


Mechanical Data

Duplex Stainless Tensile Data


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