Worm Drive Hose Clamp

Worm Drive Hose Clamps Provide Economic, Reusable Solution

The most commonly used style, worm drive hose clamps are distinguished by the slotted band which wraps the hose. This band features has screw pattern which is cut into the band to form this slotted pattern. At the end of the band there is a screw housing. To tighten, the loose end of the band is fed into a housing. When the screw is turned clockwise, it feeds slotted band through the threads of the screw like a gear, gripping each slot as it’s threaded through. This pulls the band tighter, locking it secure. Worm drive hose clamps are available in Titanium Grade 2 in both standard and custom sizes.



SAE #Size (in)
10 5/8” – 15/16”
12 7/8" - 1-1/4"
16 1-1/16” – 1-1/2”
24 1” – 2”
32 1-1/2” – 2-1/2”
36 1-3/4” – 2-3/4”
44 2-1/4” – 3-1/4”
52 2-3/4” – 3-3/4”
56 3” - 4”
88 4-1/2” – 6”
  • Economical and reusable.
  • Flexibility and serviceability as worm drive hose clamps can easily be installed and changed in the field with just a standard screwdriver
  • Ability to install and remove the clamp without disconnecting the hose
  • Large diameter range which is useful if tubing relaxes and needs more clamping force


  • Screw pattern slats cut into the band lowers the overall strength and can bend with high tension and fatigue with reuse.
  • Not recommended for use with silicone (soft) hose or tube.
  • Has a flat spot below the screw mechanism that can result in uneven pressure around the fitting
  • Offer a firm, stiff fit which is beneficial but can lead to a loss in fit if there is a slight relaxation in the hose. 



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