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Medium Duty Hose Clamps Ideal for High Pressure Applications

Unlike a worm drive where one side of the clamp band feeds though the fastener, held in place with a gear, here each side of the hose clamp is firmly secured directly to the other. Medium duty hose clamps feature a nut-and-bolt hose clamp with rolled band edges. This provides a more reliable, higher torque seal for both high and low pressure hose applications. The non-perforated, smooth band eliminates any risk of damage to the hose that can come with the slotted band of a worm drive. All sizes close to form a perfect circle, while the uniform 360º clamping ensures maximum sealing efficiency. Medium duty hose clamps are available in titanium grade 2 and Hastelloy C276.


  • Constant pressure applied.
  • Even distribution of sealing pressure around the entire hose
  • Can be easily tightened or loosen with a wrench
  • Strength is based on the torque of the bolt and nut, rather than the strength of the slotted drive of a worm drive band
  • Ideal for high clamping force applications             
  • Clamp can be opened and fastened in place without dislodging the hose


  • Small range of clamping force. Typically made for a specific diameter
  • Screw and nut must be removed in order to open the hose clamp for attachment

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