A high performace nickel alloy used for severe corrosion environments

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Hastelloy Fastener Overview

Hastelloy fasteners such as bolts, screw, nuts and threaded rods are ideally suited for a wide variety of medium to severe corrosive acid environments.  The most common grade for Hastelloy fasteners is Hastelloy C276 (2.4819), which is the one of the most versatile of the corrosion resistant nickel alloys – exceeding that of Inconel or Monel. Hastelloy fasteners are also available in other specialty grades that can address more niche corrosion issues. Hastelloy is often used for applications involving:

  • Sulfuric and hydrochloric acid (H2SO4 & HCl)
  • Sour gas
  • Chlorides, wet chloride gas and chlorine solutions
  • Solvents
  • Formic and acetic acidsGeneral Acid Corrosion Comparison
  • Acetic anhydride
  • Hypochlorites
  • Phosphoric acid

Because Hastelloy fasteners are resistant to some of the most severe chemicals, this very material often finds use in oil & gas sour gas service, chemical processing, power industries flue gas desulfurization systems, off-shore oil and down hole environments, pulp & paper bleaching and digesters, as well as other industrial facets where corrosion is an issue.

If you not sure which material is best for your application our team of engineers have decades of materials expertise and industrial experience that can help assist you in selecting the best Hastelloy fastener for your application. Other resources include: Hastelloy Torque SpecFlange DimensionsFlange Bolting Chart, Material Selection Tool

Hastelloy Fastener Stock and Availability

Hastelloy C276 (2.4819) bolts, nuts, washers, lock washers and threaded rods are stocked and ready to ship in the following sizes:  ¼” – 1”

Custom Availability
Other sizes, Hastelloy grades and screw styles can be made to order with minimum quantities, typically around 10pcs. The normal lead time for standard Hastelloy is few days. For custom Hastelloy fasteners, it can vary but is usually not more than 4 weeks. So be sure to contact us for specific lead times and any expediting needs.

  • Diameter sizes:  Standard #00 – 4” in diameter / Metric M1.2 – M48
  • Threads: UNC, UNF, UNJ, UNR, Rolled,Cut
  • Minimum Volume – Typically 10pcs, depending on size and stock
  • Custom to print
  • NACE MR0175, ASTM, ASME, MIL specifications, DFAR and Domestic available
  • Nuts per ASTM 467
  • Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Socket Head Cap Screws, and Studs per ASTM 468

Expediting Options
Lead Time is important?  You have down equipment?  No problem.  Just let us know what you need and we will do our very best to accommodate.

Hastelloy Fastener Styles

Hastelloy Screws 12 Point ScrewsButton Head Cap ScrewsFlat Head ScrewsHex Head Cap Screws, Pan Head Screws, Security Screws, Set ScrewsSocket Head Cap Screws, Vented Screws
•  DIN 603 / ISO 8677
•  DIN 912 / ISO 4762
•  DIN 913 / ISO 4026
•  DIN 914 / ISO 4027
•  DIN 915 / ISO 4028
•  DIN 916 / ISO 4029
•  DIN 921
•  DIN 931 / ISO 4014
•  DIN 933 / ISO 4017
•  DIN 961 / ISO 8676
•  DIN 965 / ISO 7046
•  DIN 966 / ISO 7047
•  DIN 7991 / ISO 10642
•  DIN 7380 / ISO 7380
•  DIN 84 / ISO 1207
•  DIN 85 / ISO 1580
•  DIN 34822
•  DIN 34821
•  DIN 7504 / ISO 15480
•  DIN 7984 
•  DIN 963 / ISO 2009
Hastelloy Bolts Hex Head Bolts, Shoulder Bolts, Wedge Anchor Bolts •  DIN 931
•  DIN 933
•  ISO 4014
•  ISO 4017
•  ISO 7370
Hastelloy Nuts Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts •  DIN 439 / ISO 4035
•  DIN 934 / ISO 4032
•  DIN 985 / ISO 7040
•  DIN 986
•  DIN 980 / ISO 7042 / ISO 19513
•  DIN 6923 / ISO 4161
Hastelloy Studs/Rod Studs, Threaded Rod, Weld Studs •  DIN 975
•  DIN 976
Hastelloy Washers Flat Washers, Lock Washer •  DIN 125 / ISO 7089 / ISO 7090
•  DIN 126 / ISO 7091
•  DIN 127 / ISO 7090
•  DIN 9021 / ISO 7093
Hastelloy Hose Clamps Medium Duty Hose Clamps  

Hastelloy Frequently Asked Question of the Week

UNF vs UNJF: Threads? What's the difference?
Q: I have a customer requesting a UNJF thread for his Aerospace application. How are these different from a UNF thread?
A: This is a great question as UNJ threaded bolts are not interchangeable with a standard UN, UNC, or UNF nut. An internal UNJ thread will assemble to a standard UN external thread but the reverse is not the same due to the interference at the minor diameter. The UNJ external threads have a larger root radius than a standard thread pitch. This ultimately improves the tensile stress area of the fastener, making the threads stronger. Many aerospace applications use these types of threads because of the increased strength.

Common Hastelloy Bolt Grades

Confused about which grade of Hastelloy bolts are best for your corrosive application? Read this short blog post which gives an overview of each grade's strength. If you need more in-depth direction or contact our engineering team for expert guidance.

HASTELLOY C276 (2.4819)
Hastelloy C276 alloy, UNS N10276, 2.4819, is the most widely used and versatile corrosion resistant nickel alloy. Hastelloy fasteners offer very good resistance to strong reducing and moderately oxidizing corrosive acids, as well excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance and resistance to localized attack. Outstanding corrosion resistance to various concentrated, hot acids and reducing environments, C276 fasteners are readily used in hot sulfuric and hydrochloric acid applications. Hastelloy's resistance to sulfuric acid makes it a common choice for protection from hydrogen sulfide (H2S), more commonly known as sour gas.In addition, Hastelloy C276 is one of the few grades resistant to wet chloride gas and chlorine dioxide. The Hastelloy C276 grade also offers excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures up to 1500°F / 815°C, making it ideal for hot corrosive environments. Because of these properties, Hastelloy C276 fasteners have resistance to a wide range of acids, chlorides, and strong halides which is why they are often utilized in the chemical processing and the oil & gas industries. The only factor that is critical to point out when dealing with very strong oxidizing environments like nitric acid is that Hastelloy C276 fasteners can be attacked as it has a low chromium content compared to other grades like Hastelloy C22. For more indepth material information, download our Hastelloy C276 Datasheet.

C276 Corrison Data & Iso-Corrosion Curves
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Nickel Alloy Corrosion Comparison Chart
•  Nitric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid

HASTELLOY C276 SPECIFICATIONS: N10276, ASTM B574, ASME SB574, Werkstoff 2.4819, ASTM G28-A/B, EN 10204-3.1, ASME B18.2.2, ASTM B619, ASME SB619, ASTM B366, ASME SB366, WPHC276, ASME B16.11, ASTM B564/ASME SB564, COLD DRAWN, HOT FINISHED, ASTM B575, ASME SB575, COLD ROLLED, HOT ROLLED, ASME B16.9, ASME B16.5, ASTM B462, ASME SB462, ASTM F467 (Nuts), ASTM F468 (screws, bolts, studs)

Hastelloy C276 Chemistry

HASTELLOY B2 (2.4617)
Hastelloy B2 alloy, UNS N10665, offers excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid in all temperatures and concentrations, yet has poor corrosion resistance to oxidizing chemicals and in the presence of ferric or cupric salts. In addition, Hastelloy B2 has excellent resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking, and to knife-line and heat-affected zone attack. However B2 has little chromium, and it should NOT be used with oxidizing media in the presence of salts.  Like other Hastelloy alloys, B2 fasteners can be used in the as-welded condition because they resist the formation of grain-boundary carbide precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone. It is recommended that B2 fasteners not be utilized between 1000° F and 1600° F because of a reduction in the ductility.

B2 Corrison Data & Iso-Corrosion Curves
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Phosphoric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid


Hastelloy B2 Chemistry

HASTELLOY B3 (2.4600)
Hastelloy B3 alloy, UNS N10675, is specifically designed to deal with very aggressive hydrochloric acid (HCl), hyrdrobromic acid (HBr) and sulfuric acids (H2SO4) as well as acetic, formic and phosphoric acids. Hastelloy B3 fasteners deliver the same excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid and other strongly reducing chemicals as other B-alloys (including B2) but with significantly enhanced thermal stability and improved ease of fabrication. However B3 has little chromium, and it should NOT be used with oxidizing media and is not recommended for use in the presence of ferric or cupric salts which can cause rapid corrosion failure.

B3 Corrison Data & Iso-Corrosion Curves
•  Hydrobromic Acid
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Phosphoric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid


Hastelloy B3 Chemistry

HASTELLOY C22 (2.4602)
Hastelloy C22 alloy, UNS N06022, has better overall corrosion resistance in oxidizing corrosives than C-276 and Inconel 625 alloys due to the higher chromium content. More specifically, C22 fasteners provides better protection when used in certain saturated wet chlorine environments. In addition, its high chromium content provides C22 fasteners much better resistance to oxidizing media that C276. This provides it exceptional resistance to chloride-induced pitting although, in most cases because of its availability, C-276 fasteners are a more cost-effective option. Hastelloy C22 fasteners also offer outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, as well as stress corrosion cracking. Use of C22 fasteners should be limited to temperatures below 1250° F. This alloy has limited availability and can be made into fastener in larger diameters only (1/2" and greater in size).

C22 Corrison Data & Iso-Corrosion Curves
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Nitric Acid
•  Nickel Alloy Corrosion Comparison Chart
•  Phosphoric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid

HASTELLOY C22 SPECIFICATIONS: SB 575/B 575, SB 574/B 574, SB 366/B 366 SB 462/B 462, SB 564/B 564 SB 462/B 462, Werkstoff 2.4602, 17744 No. 2.4602 NiCr21Mo14W, NACE MR0175 ISO 15156

Hastelloy C22 Chemistry

HASTELLOY C2000 (2.4675)
Hastelloy C2000 alloy, UNS N06200, is a corrosion resistant alloy with excellent resistance to uniform corrosion in oxidizing or reducing environments. Hastelloy C2000 fasteners combine the outstanding resistance to oxidizing media of C276 with superior resistance to non-oxidizing environments, making it a unique alloy for protecting chemical process equipment that has a range of conditions. C2000 fasteners are designed to offer greater versatility compared to the other Hastelloy alloys. The addition of copper provides C2000 fasteners enhanced temperature capability in sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and dilute hydrochloric acid. Due to its high chromium content protects process streams contaminated with ferric ions. In addition, C2000 fasteners have excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and superior resistance to localized corrosion as compared to C-276 alloy.

C2000 Corrison Data & Iso-Corrosion Curves
•  Hydrobromic Acid
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Nitric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid

HASTELLOY C2000 SPECIFICATIONS: SB 575/B 575, SB 574/B 574, SB 366/B 366 SB 462/B 462,SB 564/B 564 SB 462/B 462, Werkstoff 2.4675, NACE MR0175 ISO 15156

Hastelloy C2000 Chemistry

HASTELLOY X (2.4665)
Alloy X, UNS N06002, is most known for its exceptional combination of high temperature oxidation resistance up to 2000°C and high temperature strength. Being stable, strong and ductile at high temperatures are its most notable characteristics which is often utilized in gas turbine components and furnace components.

HASTELLOY X SPECIFICATIONSAMS 5536, AMS 5754, AMS 5798, ASME SB 435, ASME SB 572, ASME Sect. IX P No. 43, ASME Section IX P No. 43, ASME SFA 5.14, ASTM B 435, ASTM B 572, EN 2.4665, GE B50A436, GE B50T83, GE B50TF24, PDS 1038 (X-low), PDS 15102QFC, UNS N06002, Werkstoff 2.4665

Hastelloy X Chemistry



C276 Tensile Curve

C276 Tensile Data

C22 Tensile Data

B2 Tensile Data

C2000 Tensile Data

Hastelloy X Tensile Data


 Hastelloy C276 Flange Pressure & Temperature Ratings

Hastelloy Corrosion Data

Hastelloy Corrosion Data

Hastelloy C276 Iso-Corrosion Curves for HCl & H2SO4

C276-H2SO4 IsoCorrosion Curve

C276-HCl IsoCorrosion

Hastelloy Screws

12 Point    12 Point Screws Hastelloy 12 point screws allow for higher torque to be applied than a socket head cap screw or head head bolt, however they are be less economical due to the complex head design. Available in 1/4" or larger sizes. •  IFI-115
•  DIN 34822
•  DIN 34821
Button Head    Button Head Cap Screws Hastelloy button head screws offer a wide clamping area and low profile. They are best for fastening material that is too thin to counter bore. • ASME B18.3
• ASME 18.3.4M
• DIN 7380 / ISO 7380
Flat Head 3D    Flat Head Screws Hastelloy flat head screws are most commonly offered in an 82° countersink angle, but can be customized to other angles from 60° -120° and are designed to be flush with the surface.  Available in slotted and socket drivers. Phillips, 6-lobe, torx and tamperproof drivers in Hastelloy flat head screws can be made require special manufacturing. •  ASME B18.3
•  ASME B18.3.6
•  DIN 963 / ISO 2009
•  DIN 965 / ISO 7046
•  DIN 7991 / ISO 10642
Hex Cap Screw    Hex Head Cap Screws Hastelloy hex head cap screws offer the added washer face to the bolt head which is lacking on a hex bolt and tighter dimensional tolerances. Ideal for a high clamping force applications with ease of access. Generally availabe in #2 - 1/2" sizes and metric sizes. • ASME B18.6.3
• DIN 931 / ISO 4014
• DIN 933 / ISO 4017
• DIN 961 / ISO 8676
pan head screw s    Pan Head Screws Hastelloy pan head screws offer a rounded top are best used for small diameter faster needs. Offered in slotted and they are ideal for low torque applications. • ASME B18.6.3
• DIN 7985
• DIN 921
• DIN 85 / ISO 1580
• DIN 84 / ISO 1207
  (cheese head)
• DIN 966 / ISO 7047
  (raised counter sunk)
SecScrew Drives   Security Screws Unique driver designs offer these Hastelloy screws resistance to unwanted tampering or removal due to the fact that they cannot be removed using an ordinary driver. Hastelloy security screws are available in several different drive styles, as well as custom per print.  
Set Screw    Set Screws Hastelloy set screws are available in cup, cone, flat, dog and half-dog points. Set screws have no head and are equiped with a socket or slotted driver at one end. • ASME B18.3
• DIN 913 / ISO 4026
• DIN 914 / ISO 4027
• DIN 915 / ISO 4028
• DIN 916 / ISO 4029
Socket Head Cap Screw Short Image     Socket Head Cap Screws Hastelloy socket head cap screws are ideal for limited access situations where there is little clearance around the screws. They offer a safe, reliable and economic solution. • ASME B18.3
• DIN 912 / ISO 4762
• DIN 7984
Vented Screw Main Image short    Vented Screws Hastelloy vented screws are best for vacuum environments because the hole drilled through its axis (from head through threads) allow gases and other contaminents to vent. Hastelloy vented screws are available in any style.  

Hastelloy Bolts

Hex Bolt    Hex Head Bolts Hastelloy hex bolts are similar to hex head cap screws but without the added washer face. They are ideal for high clamping force applications with ease access. • ASME B18.2.1
• DIN 931 / ISO 4014
• DIN 933 / ISO 4017
Shoulder Bolt    Shoulder Bolts Hastelloy shoulder bolts are made up of a head, shoulder and threaded segment. The smooth shoulder section allows for rotating parts. Typically available with socket drivers. • ASME
• DIN 7379 / ISO 7379
• ISO 7370
Wedge anchor Wedge Anchor Bolts Hastelloy wedge anchor bolts offer a safe secure fastening solution for attaching equipment and other materials to concrete in corrosive environments.  

Hastelloy Nuts

Hex Nut       Hex Nuts Hastelloy hex nuts are available in a variety of styles including finished hex nuts, jam nuts and heavy hex nuts. • ASME B18.16.3
• ASME B18.2.2
• DIN 439 / ISO 4035
• DIN 934 / ISO 4032
• DIN 986
Lock Nuts       Lock Nuts Hastelloy lock nuts are available in all metal and polymer insert styles. All-metal lock provide even load distribution and can be used at high temperatures. Polymer  insert styles are more economical and are best for temperatures under than 350°F. • ASME B18.16.3M
• DIN 980 / ISO 7042 / 
   ISO 19513
• DIN 6923 / ISO 4161
• DIN 985 / ISO 10511 /
  ISO 7040

Hastelloy Studs & Threaded Rod

Studs    Studs Hastelloy studs are fully threaded or partially threaded and made to custom lengths. • ASME B18.31.2
• DIN 976
Threaded Rod 2    Threaded Rod Hastelloy threaded rod or all thread are available in lengths greater than 1 foot. Minimum order quantity is a total of 6 feet of length. • ASME B1.1
• DIN 975
arc and capacitor no text    Weld Studs Hastelloy weld studs are available in both arc or capacitor discharge (CD) styles. Weld studs provide an extremely secure fastening solution when one side of the stud needs to be permanently fix to a part and the other side with the threads accessible.  

Hastelloy Washers

Washer      Flat Washers
Hastelloy washers are most commonly offered in SAE sizes, but also availabe in USS, oversized and custom sizes upon request. • ASME 18.21.1
• DIN 125 / ISO 7089 /
  ISO 7090
• DIN 126 / ISO 7091
Lock Washer      Lock Washers
Hastelloy lock washers are offered as split lock washers. Belleville spring lock washers can also be made upon request. • ASME B18.21.1
• DIN 127 / ISO 7090
• DIN 6796 /  ISO 10690

Hastelloy Hose Clamps

Medium Duty Hose Clamp Image   Medium Duty Hose Clamps
Hastelloy hose clamps feature a nut-and-bolt hose clamp with rolled band edges for the most secure, higher torque hold that is usable in both high and low pressure conditions. SAE

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