An engineered high temperature resistant steel

  • Excellent high temperature stabilityAlloy 330 Hot Furnace
  • Very oxidation and carburization resistant to 2100°F
  • Good resistance to thermal shock and quenching

Alloy 330 fasteners & flanges are specifically designed for high temperature furnace applications. Alloy 330 fasteners & flanges unique combination of properties allow 330 fasteners & flanges to handle thermal shock from quenching, be oxidation and carburization resistant as well as handle thermal cycling well.  As a result, alloy 330 fasteners & flanges are found in high temperature applications like vacuum furnaces, heat treating and brazing applications. 

Resources: Alloy 330 Torque Specs, Flange DimensionsFlange Bolting Chart

Alloy 330 Fastener TypesBolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Threaded Rods, Washers

Flange Types Available: Blind FlangesLap Joint FlangesSlip On FlangesSocket Weld FlangesThreaded FlangesWeld Neck Flanges

330 Tensile Curve

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