The optimal balance of chemical, mechanical and thermal properties

Polyetheretherketone threaded rods or PEEK threaded rods or Victrex® threaded rods offer a unique combination of properties for some of the most extreme applications. PEEK / Victrex threaded rods are known for their excellent wear resistance, best in class fatigue resistance, high purity and excellent chemical resistance to organics, acids and bases.

Depending on the application, PEEK threaded rods can be reinforced with glass fibers for improved strength and stiffness properties. Reinforced PEEK threaded rods offer greater mechanical robustness especially in applications beyond 350°F (175°C).

PEEK threaded rods are well suited for applications in chemical processing, electronics, transportation, healthcare and other industrial uses.

Threaded rods made from customer specified PEEK grades are available upon request. See our online store (right side) for common PEEK threaded rods or contact us for specialty or quantity requests.

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Common PEEK Threaded Rod Grades

PEEK 100% / Unfilled

PEEK, with no fillers is unreinforced and 100% polymer. Even without glass or carbon fiber reinforcement, this one of the strongest polymers we offer and well suited for a variety of applications including FDA food contact and other applications requireing high purity. 

PEEK Glass Fiber Reinforced

PEEK 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced provide the same chemical resistance and natural PEEK but nearly doubles in tensile strength.

PEEK Carbon Fiber Reinforced 

PEEK 20% Carbon Fiber Reinforced provides approximately 2.5 times the strength of pure PEEK. 

PEEK Extreme

PEEK Extreme is our proprietary receipe for the highest strength PEEK utilizing carbon fiber reinforcement. This version of PEEK over 3 times stronger than standard unreinforced PEEK. 


 Mechanical Properties of PEEK

PEEK Tensile Curves  Tensil Temperature Chart 11 2017

 Chemical Resistance of PEEK / Victrex® Threaded rods

PEEK Chemical Resistance

 PEEK Properties

PEEK Properties

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