Gaskets for vacuum chambers requiring extremely low leak ratesVacuum2

Gaskets for vacuum chambers that minimize leakage are critical in order to maintain the quality of the finished product.  No matter if its CVD, PVD, DVD, heat treating etc., maintaining a low vacuum and minimizing oxygen contamination is essential. If having the lowest leak rate is important to your process, our Revolution and JG / JP semi-metallic vacuum gaskets are the best available to industry.

Extremely Low Leak Rate

Our semi-metallic vacuum gaskets feature a metallic core which creates metal-to-metal seal as well as as soft sealing PTFE or graphite section. As a result, an extremely tight seal is created, having a leak rate that is 15,000x lower than typical gaskets used in vacuum systems.

No Outgassing

Beyond sealing, our vacuum gaskets will NOT outgas. A key feature to our vacuum gaskets is the metal-to-metal seal that protects and isolates the soft sealing graphite or PTFE from the process and air. Because of this design, no extra time is wasted during pump-down and the desired vacuum is achieved faster.

High Temperature Stability

The JG / JP vacuum gaskets can operate at elevated temperatures up to 1000°C. The Revolution vacuum gaskets up to 500°C

Revolution Gasket JG/JP Gasket
Revolution Basic Image   JGJP Basic Image
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 932°F / 500°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 928psi / 64bar
  • Pressure class: 400 / PN64
  • Carrier metal:  Stainless steel
  • Thickness: 0.063" / 1.6mm
  • Max dimension: 21in / 540mm
  • Temp: Cryogenic to 1830°F / 1000°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 5800psi / 400bar
  • Pressure class: 1500 / PN400
  • Carrier metal:  Stainless & Specialty alloys
  • Thickness: 0.098" to 0.394" (2.5 - 10mm)
  • Max dimension: 144in / 4000mm
  • Ideal for heat transfer fluids and oils
  • Designed to handle cycling & vibration
  • Replaces: PTFE / Graphite / Fiber Gaskets
  • Extreme pressure & temperatures
  • Corrosive media, H2, hazardous service
  • Replaces: Spiral Wound / Kammprofile

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