Metal-like performance from a light weight plastic

  • Exceptional strength and stiffness up to 275°C (525°F)Torlon Washer
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Superior toughness from cryogenic up to 275°C
  • Resistant to strong acids and most organics
  • Inherent flame resistance
  • Metal-like coefficient of linear thermal expansion

Polyamide-imide washers or Torlon® washers are one of the strongest and toughest polymer washers available. Having the highest strength and stiffness of any pure thermoplastic up to 275°C (525°F), Torlon washers are geared for the most demanding mechanical and high temperature applications. Torlon washers also have outstanding resistance to wear, creep and most chemicals.

Torlon washers are available in a glass fiber reinforced grade which improves the strength, modulus and creep resistance. Because of the outstanding mechanical properties of Torlon washers, they can be used as a replacement for metal washers some applications. 

Torlon washers are available in both metric and standard sizes. Please contact us if you have any questions about Torlon washers, their characteristics and their availability.Washers made from customer specified polyamide-imide grades are available upon request.

Washer TypesFlat Washers

Torlon Properties     

Torlon Properties      

Torlon Mechanical Properties

Torlon Tensile Data


Chemical Resistance of Torlon

Torlon Corrosion Resistance


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