Gasket designed for cryogenic sealing of liquified gassesCryogenic Gasket

Gaskets in cryogenic applications face extremely challenging conditions as the environment is very cold, materials become brittle, expansion / contraction rates of the joint differ and cryogenic gasses are atomically small and therefore difficult to seal. Our line of Revoseal semi-metallic croygenic gaskets are designed to have lowest leak rate possible even for the most challenging liquified gasses.

Gaskets for Cryogenic Liquified Gasses

  • Liquid Argon Gaskets (Ar)
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide Gaskets (CO2)
  • Liquid Hydrogen Gaskets (H)
  • Liquid Helium Gaskets (He)
  • Liquid NitrogenGaskets (N)
  • Liquid Oxygen Gaskets(O)
  • Liquified Natural Gas Gaskets(LNG)

Gasket Challenges of Cryogenic Temperatures

  • Low ductility (plastic deformability before fracture)
  • Increased embrittlement of the material
  • Thermal shrinkage

Specialty Material Gaskets

All of the Revoseal gaskets can operate at cryogenic temperatures and are constructed from a stainless steel with a PTFE or graphite soft seal design. Specialty alloys like nickel alloys can be utilized in our JG / JP gaskets for improved ductility. 

Thermal Expansion

When thermal expansion or contraction is a problem as a process thermally cycles, the Revolution gasket is ideal as it acts like spring and dynamically responds to expanding or contracting joints.

Material Compression

All the Revoseal cryogenic gaskets require a very low sealing force when compared to graphite or spiral wound gaskets and will not over-compress like PTFE or graphite, due to the metal-to-metal seal in combination with a PTFE / graphite soft seal. This metalic seal protect the PTFE & graphite from being over-compressed and becoming brittle.

Revolution Gasket Eco+ Gasket JG/JP Gasket
Revolution Basic Image   Eco Basic Image  JGJP Basic Image
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 932°F / 500°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 928psi / 64bar
  • Pressure class: 400 / PN64
  • Carrier metal:  Stainless steel
  • Thickness: 0.063" / 1.6mm
  • Max dimension: 21in / 540mm
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 932°F / 500°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 2320psi / 160bar
  • Pressure class: 900 / PN150
  • Carrier metal:  Stainless steel
  • Thickness: 0.063" / 1.6mm
  • Max dimension: 48in / 1220mm
  • Temp: Cryogenic to 1830°F / 1000°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 5800psi / 400bar
  • Pressure class: 1500 / PN400
  • Carrier metal:  Stainless & Specialty alloys
  • Thickness: 0.098" to 0.394" (2.5 - 10mm)
  • Max dimension: 144in / 4000mm
  • Ideal for heat transfer fluids and oils
  • Designed to handle cycling & vibration
  • Replaces: PTFE / Graphite / Fiber Gaskets
  • Excellent for harsh steam applications
  • Minimizes impact of thermal hammering
  • Replaces: PTFE / Graphite / Fiber Gaskets
  • Extreme pressure & temperatures
  • Corrosive media, H2, hazardous service
  • Replaces: Spiral Wound / Kammprofile

Specialty Material High Temperature Gaskets

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